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If for some reason a link does not work, please feel free to email me and let me know.  IF a title above does not have a link, the page is under reconstruction and updating is ongoing.     It is a big website & difficult  as updating is in progress this year 2009.    I want my visitors to be able to access these pages at all times.  Thank You.
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E-Mail  barbarat@origamidesigns.com
 Origami Designs is undergoing a  transformation.   The work of the artist is shifting in scope and direction.  

Origami Designs will be concentrating on large design works and projects in 2009.  I will continue my work with mosaics and larger artworks involving origami. 

Two books  are planned, &  the new studio will be finished in the spring of 2009,  and ready for  new and exciting projects with origami.

I will continue with workshops, corporate seminars, projects for TV, film,  & other similar endeavors with origami designs work.

In addition I will continue to do volunteer work with the origami  in education &  health care, for young and old.  

In order to do this I must discontinue some offerings of floral arrangements, money folding, and other origami offerings  - except by special arrangement and only as time permits.    If you have ordered in the past, thank you.   If you wish to inquire about something special please feel free to email: barbarat@origamidesigns.com