.All  arkwork and designs below  are  Copyright to Barbara Turner, OrigamiDesigns.com
 Do not  copy, publish, copy in style, or reproduction, for  any purpose. All  work is one-of-a-kind  art.     Cost for  each work is listed.  Details: number of  folds, and cost,  are included on each piece.  
Cost  to  ship  is in addition to cost  of  Artwork and quoted in negotiations  for the sale to the buyer.    

Artworks  are originals.    Selected works here, "smaller in size" ,  are  actually  in progress in the  studio  for larger - size artwork - 5ft by  8ft  or  similar.   Blue  Dove,  larger/more Autumn Leaves, and
and  expanded  version of  the Feathers.  These commissioned  works  are  suitable  for  Executive Office,  Gallery walls,  Corporate  Lobby  and more.  Feel  Free  to inquire  about  larger  art works.
Celertial  Doves  on Moondrops- . Origami Foil Doves, on Capiz Shells, on Brocade-like fabric with metallic threads, stretched on canvas.  Hanging  hardward attached. Size: 22"W x22"H  Cost: $375.00    Folds: 288 The doves seem to fly 
as the viewer moves from side to side, & changes with appropriate spotlighting of the work.
Abstract Snow Scuplture -  Origami models in sculpture, mounted on white fabric base, mounted on marble tile  base. The impressive paper sculpture projects a different look from every side, and is most unusual.  The paper sculpture has a light dusting of white  sparkle,as if glitter on snow.  Display on self, tabletop, or pedestal.  It was displayed on a lazysusan base for "full  round" exhibit  viewing.   Size:  15"Wx17"Hx11:D             Cost: $ 875.00      Folds:  2,510                              
Trees of Gold - Foil Origami on metal, with capiz shell leaves as well.  Metal strength but delicate wall art as well.
Size: 22"Wx23"H      Cost:$300.00        
Twig Bowl with Feather - Metal Basket Wall art with Feather & Beads, is  simplistic beauty and expression. Mounted on a fabric, or background, or alone on the wall, it is a statement work.  Size: 14"R     Cost $150.00
Eiffel  Tower  Metal                                 Golden  Lotus  Metal  with Origami                 Eiffel Tower Reverse Side
sculpture with  origami                            Battery operated lights  in center                         with  gold  origami  
Side  one  in  Silver. 
Size:151/2"X30HX51/2"D                        Size: 24W"X24"H        Folds:3.269 !                     Folds: 324      Cost: $ 200.00
                                                                     Cost:   $  475.00   SOLD 
Double  Sided Silver Charger with lattice cuttout motiff. The  charge  is  mounted on a nature slice of  wood  base, enhanced with a mirror in the base that  reflects  the  origami motiffs on both  sides.  Displayed on a turning  base it has a sunburst pattern of  cranes on one side and the  ying-yang design  from  origami on the  reverse  side. Size: 13" Rx28"H   $650.00        Folds:   3,473 !
Similiar  but different  custom designs  will be shown  later  2014  and early 2015
The Japanese Hawk with Pine, water, and musical  instrument on silver was mounted and framer.  The  border is origami silver.
Folds: 587    Cost: $ 375.00
Size: 7"W x 42"H 
Morning  Star Awakening     In the  realm of a gallexy yet unknown to use,  cranes  fly to the Moonstar.  When the special  High Cranes (protected as they fly in separate  groups)  arrived to  join the  celebration,  the  Moonstar goes Nova and  awakens to be the spectacular  Star it is to become.  
On Fabric on canvas, ready to hang, Size: 24"Wx18"H  
Folds: 4,626 !    Cost $ 375.00     3D          
Autumn Leaves - Foil Origami on Fabric on canvas.Mounted  with "plexiglass over" attached by bronze studsat corners. Mizuhiki embellishment. Under plexi.  Can be framed. Most unusal  work  when displayed with proper overhead spottlighting.  Takes on different looks in a hallway or on wall in an open  room! Can be easily framed for yet a different artistic  presentation. Cost: $200.00   Size: 24"Wx18"H     Folds:1,359 
Branches of Gold - Origami covered leaves of Metal  branches sculpture.  Study yet fragile, allowing  air and light to pass  through the wall art.  Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Size:40"Wx28"H   Cost:$450.00
Folds: 3,564 !   .SOLD
Red Doves on Moondrops - Origami foil  doves, mounted on capiz shells,mounted on red brocade silk-like fabric stretched on art canvas for a professional, ready to art work.
Shells include handpainted embellishments. Doves Rest on Celestial  Moondrops before  taking  flight.   The  fabric  is exquisite! 3D
Size:20"WX16"H   Folds: 234  Cost $225.00
Butterflies in Motion:  Delicqate silver  butterflies, on a stunning  wire  mesh bowl!  The  work  can  be  hung or  displayed in lucite stand.  Size:12" R    Folds: 90
Cost $ 100.00  
              SOLD Inquire  about similiar in same  or  different color combinations
Natures Basket: Handmade natural  shallow platelike  basket. Yellow  origami  cranes decorate  willow twigs. Additional  dried pods, real licken, and  wood  bark,  finish the  artwork. Ready to hand or display in tabletop stand.  Size: 4 1/2" R       Folds: 486    Cost $65.00: SOLD
Global Wings  of  Peace  Innovative work to  honor  the  Peace  crane   A  stunning  work with message, Irridescent Cranes  flying  around a 3D visual  globe, move in mass,  to  reunite  to form  the  universal  symbol  for peace in modern day  art.  An origami crane,-  the long  recognized sympbol  of  peace, speaks  loudly to form the  message in a beautiful work of contemporary art.   Size:  37" W x17"H    Folds:  4,475 !     Cost:$ 375.00      Framed open in 3D on black  suede background. Ready to hang.  SOLD
Celestial Firefly:   Who  can  imagine  how a celestial
firefly appears in space or  another  "realm". This  beauty may fly solo, or in a group, vertically or  horizontally in the  darkness of space, lighting  up as it flies!  This work can be ordered in different  color choices. It has  mizuhiki cord as antenna extending out.   Size:24"Wx18"H    Folds:  2152 ! Cost $ 375.00 SOLD
 Mounted on a suede  or  fabric  over  canvas and  Framed. SOLD
Visiting  Cranes   Cranes from  tradition washi folding paper, elegant crane visited the  structure, un caged  and free!  Hang or  display on white easel.  Cranes  on metal  birdcage     Size: 21"Wx36" H 
 Folds:  195   Cost:  $140.00    SOLD
Nine Piece Crane Collage   currently  framed  in a black 
nine-piece holder, The designs are comprised of  origami 
cranes.  Contemporary  and Modern the work hagns and is convex  when  viewed - 3D  out  from  the wall. Folds: 2,165 !is deceiving!   Size: 18 1/2Wx21"H  Cost:  $175.00  SOLD

Other  works  SOLD or  still  available will be  listed here            Please  return  to   see  new  artworks.  As with  all artwork, the display  location  and wall color  change enhance or change the look  of an artwork.   If  you have questions, or desire design  ideas for  a particular  artwork, please  feel free to  email.     barbarat@origamidesigns.com    see INFO     OrigamiDeigns.com
.Cranes Resting In Forrest   Colorful origami cranes rest on branches  of a metal tree  sculptural  forrest.   Impressive in simplicity. Size:47"Wx27"H
Folds:  215    Cost:$ 225.00    SOLD 
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