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FAQ's  Commissioning an artwork for your wedding or event.  All clients are advised to read and review the FAQs and Terms of Service, prior to booking an order.  If you have an invoice, that will also reflect that your completion of payment is acknowledgement that you have read and reviewed these FAQ's & Terms of Service and Orders.     
Please read all carefully.  Thank You.   

1.  How much does it cost?  This is the obvious and first thing most need to know.       The cost depends on the design, and labor involved, the size, etc.     1001 crane artworks start at $625.00 for  Book/Labor.      The cost of framing/shipping, is a second payment.   I will  discuss frames and other options.   How much does your finished artwork costs? . I break it down into the cost of labor & materials, and the cost to ship the artwork to you. The first payment is called “Book/Labor” on the invoice, & the second payment (on same or separate invoice) is called “Frame/Shipping.”   The Book/Labor   is not a deposit, it is not refundable. This covers the labor, time, materials, to complete the artwork. The cost of “Frame/Shipping”   includes framing & packing and shipping for addresses to mainland USA for most artworks is $575.00. (For Hawaii and Alaska the cost added to  second invoice is $200) . The cost to pack & safely ship these artworks has gone up considerably since 2020. Origami Designs, does not ship finished artwork until the second payment is made. I can make it a two-payment process: Book/Labor puts your artwork on the calendar, and second payment Frame/Shipping: due 3 months or more prior to ship date when invoiced by OrigamiDesigns.

 In 2022 OrigamiDesigns is revising this cost breakdown & how the artwork is shipped. OrigamiDesigns changed  the  offering to custom frame and ship artworks unframed as well.*   Artworks will be mounted, sealed under glass, and shipped ready for a framer to “drop” your chosen frame over the work. The unframed size will be detailed for you to give a framer when you go to select and have it framed. OrigamiDesigns recommends only a professional custom framer to do the work. I do not recommend “Michael’s” for the selection of the frame or for the actual framing. OrigamiDesigns can advise on when and how to contact a framer, and give them measurements for you to order your frame in advance, How to do this for framing before your event, or framing after your event.  
These changes to the process are due to continued higher shipping and packing costs ( that most clients can’t afford or are not willing to pay) and due to damages to frames due to rough handling during shipping. FedEx, UPS, Independent (resist settling claims) Shippers are slow to process these claims, taking 3 to 6 months to even make a decision or issue claim amounts. Not once in 25+ yrs of shipping, has the actual artwork or glass been damaged.     * As you see above you can pay more and still purchase the artwork framed & ready to hang. details below, scroll down.  I insure, I can file a claim, i cannot guarantee payment, or replacement cost of framing, cannot have items shipped back for reframing (too cost prohibitive for clients,) It's a tough situation for me and you if shipper damages the frame.  It is in pristine condition when it leaves this studio, & documented in photos to be so!
OrigamiDesigns will now ship “as is” professionally done ‘unique, one-of-a-kind” artworks, ready for framing. It is intended that these works be framed to protect the artwork and your investment. These artworks are not designed to be hung unframed or explosed to moisture, the environment, or bright sunlight. There are no do-overs, no recourse to claim, “it wasn’t’ what I expected”, no repairs that can or will be done by OrigamiDesigns, after receipt of the artwork. It is strongly recommended that you have your artwork framed as soon as possible. Your best chance for your artwork to last 100+ yrs, is to have it framed upon receipt. The artworks are intended to remain sealed and under glass for the protection of the artwork and the provenance of the artwork. OrigamiDesigns is not liable for any damage done, or changes made to the artwork, during framing. The artwork is sealed under glass with the purpose and intent it stays that way. The Certificate of Authenticity of artworks shipped unframed, only attests to the validity of the Artist and OrigamiDesigns as the artist, no other warrantee or guarantee is stated or implied. Insurance value would be the cost of the artwork and any costs your incurred to frame it to preserve and display it.  
For clients yet to book for 2024 the above terms apply.  Clients, can opt out of framing, and pay the new Shipping costs to have their artwork arrive unframed. That cost $250.00 (as there is the added cost of the backing that was not figured into their Book/Labor costs)  

Be advised Origami Designs will be requesting the finished folded cranes (if you fold them)at least 4 months in advance of your event date.  You save money when your fold your own cranes, and satisfy the "tradition of a wish will be granted".

 OrigamiDesigns will have to start work on your artwork earlier in the calendar year, finish earlier, and ship earlier, to allow you time to have it framed for your event. Many framers will quote 2 weeks to 1 month to order and build your frame and finish it for you. Choose a reputable framer, OrigamiDesigns warns you cannot know what will happen to an artwork left with a framer, while awaiting framing. OrigamiDesigns is not responsible for the artwork or whatever may happen to it, once it has shipped and left the studio. Photos of the finished work, and the packing is done here in the studio to verify the quality of the work before it ships.  
  Most designs fit into this  (booked 6 mos or more in advance) -  $625.00  for labor. -  but large or custom works can cost more. depending on the design and labor involved.    Other questions below will help explain the costs. So let's explore the questions of cost right up front.  In late 2021 costs for materials have gone up and OrigamiDesigns must raise the labor cost to be able to do these artworks.   The costs for suitable frames for these works has increased.   Costs for custom frame molding, wood inserts and the elegant backing have gone up as well.   OrigamiDesigns will continue to offer an elegant and professional artwork.  Cost of shipping and packing has gone up.  Most clients cannot afford $250 for normal shipping! The larger the design, the larger the frame, the more it cost to frame and then ship that design.  
Cost for labor  for  2023 is  $625 reg, $750 more extensive design work, and $850 Rush.  Origami Designs is no longer for 2024 but is for 2025  calendar year.    A Booked commission due for delivery  3 months or  earlier is  considered RUSH.   Please email if you need an artwork Rush inquire about availability! I need your cranes 3 mos before delivery, so on a Rush I need your cranes when we book your order!

Cost to ship is additional, but  I keep that as low as possible!   Please be aware that shipping ground  or to Hawaii or Alaska is considerably higher. .  Shipping to a US location mainland location  (regular ground shipping ) depending  on  finished  size,  and more for RUSH), the same item to HI or AK can be $250 to $275 added  for regular shipping.  These items need to be shipped one month  or less, in advance of your due delivery date.              The second pymt to "ship"  will include that shipping in the total  quote.  Normally to US mainland West of Mississippi the frame/ ship  total is $250.00 (that is  shipping. To Hawaii & Alaska,  shipping  is  $225  to $275.00. )   The Frame/Ship cost includes framing,glass,backing,shipping.   These packages if packed well to prevent damage to the frame are considered by the shipper as  "oversized" and they charge twice the normal ship cost.  OrigamiDesigns has to pay that cost to properly pack your artwork and ship it to you!  There is no "making it smaller", 1000 cranes is a lot of cranes in a design.

OrigamiDesigns confirms with client shipping arrangements prior to shipment, when you need it by date.  Origamidesign advised that all shipments go "straight through to residence" with someone arranged to be there to sign for it (signature requested).  Important OrigamiDesigns advised client ot to change or make other pickup arrangments unless there is an emergency.  Changed receipt or pickup instructions always make the package susceptible to more travel, more handling, possible damage on trucks or holding facilities!!  It is not advised, to change or reschedule and OrigamiDesigns cannot be responsible for damage that occurs in these instances.   

OrigamiDesigns ships from a reputable FedEx shipper (open 20+ yr), if a claim for damages has to be file, that Shipper has to file the claim, not you or me, and I have to give them our information, pictures of damage, videos of damage, receipts to repair the damage, it is our best hope of getting some $ for reframing or damage, but there are NO guarantees and OrigamiDesigns, insures, and then has no other guarantee or ability to recover damages or costs.  OrigamiDesigns  cannot offer or afford to give clients money to reframe if there are damages in shipping.  I can advise, suggest, help with the "information to the shipper" but there is nothing more we can do to recover money, than file a claim and wait.  to see if it is paid.

2.  Can I get it done cheaper somewhere else?  People do ask.  Yes I think you can, but my  price is  competitive with most reputable  artists (for these works) charge the same or more,  and I try to give my clients the best quality,  keep the costs low,  and keep it affordable.   I am located on the mainland USA and shipping is less costly for those  in the US proper.    The cost of  the artwork, includes the backing board or canvas, materials, glues, supplies, *designs work -  whenever possible. material your cranes are mounted on, the final finished professional look of the  presentation.   Many days and hours of labor in design work, crane placement, frame preparation, assembly, counting, even packaging for the finished artwork, goes into this process.    

3.  Why does it cost so much?  You are commissioning a custom art work from an established and experienced artist, in this art form. Just like a painting or sculpture there is labor, talent, time, materials, involved in producing the finished product which is all done by hand.  The artist takes great care (at Origami Designs) to present a piece that is well done, and  is quality work.  It is an investment, a one of a kind, original artwork.  The artwork takes hours and hours from start to finish.  The process is weeks of communicating with the client, assisting in design choice, approval of sketches, emails, phone calls.  There is the skill and time devoted to managing the layout of 1000 cranes in your artwork.   I work to keep the size manageable and affordable for (your) framing and display.  I  mount on good quality black  professional framers backing, (at$80 a sheet). -which presents problems at times managing the work, but gives the most professional look.      It improves the final quality and endurance of the artwork, and makes for more professional look when you have your artwork framed.      It is a labor of love and as an artist I take care to do quality  work.  The backs of framed artworks are not covered in velvet. 

4.  Does the cost include cranes or framing?   There is the cost for labor and materials, designs work, etc. listed above under labor.   .  The cost of the frame/ship is a second payment, artwork booked after Nov 15, 2021 will shipped unframed or framed.      When I moved from So CA to my new studio the cost to frame decresed but it the same custom framing!    The substantial black  frames are more expensive and the gold/silver insert  adds to cost and labor.  Frames with gold/silver trim cost more.  Silver frames cost more, and these frames in metal cost more.      If you select a silver design on blue fabric and want a silver frame, I might quote a little higher for the finished artwork.  Most frames run from $300 to $600 depending on your indicated choice of simple elegant black,  black with gold, simple black with gold, or silver, with  a gold or silver insert. You can see from the Frame/Ship cost, I keep this as low as possible, I do not inflate or make profit from frame and shipping.  

Framing  (covered abov), OD is offering to ship unframed but you will be advised on how to frame, How much lead time to allow for framing  in your locality.     They are inspected and photographed here during  packing and  before shipping.  They arrive ready to hang.   Transporting your framed artwork is at your risk.  It is meant to hang on a wall.  Moving it around, showing it, or moving it around  from place to event is not advised, and any shifting of the artwork, damage to glass or frame is possible and Origami Designs is not responsible from damage that occurs due to movement, hanging in damp areas or direct sunlight  etc, bumping or shaking of the artwork.  It is costly for you to have to open a framed work to fix damage to your artwork.   Packing for shipment has been refined over the years.  OD has found no amount of bubblewrap, or air tubes, or foam peanuts can prevent damage from rough shipping.  Every attempt is made to ship carefully and keep the cost down for the client.  If you wish to pay $250 for adding shipping packing, please let OrigamiDesigns, know and I am happy to include that in the cost of your artwork.   I pack securely, I insure, and I give you specific instructions on the shipping, acceptance and opening of your artwork.  See alert on shipping instructions above.

Labor  cost is higher  if Origami Designs cinfirms & provides the  origami cranes.  .  Many choose to follow the tradition and fold the cranes. Some fold to save money.  Origami Designs charges extra for labor  supply the 1000 cranes (this includes the cost of the papers) and we need six months notice to fold the cranes.     Other artists might insist on folding the cranes to insure quality of folding and they in turn charge more for the finished piece, adding in this cost.   I give you the option and reveal the cost breakdown.  

Origami Designs will frame  (for booked orders prior to 11/15/2021, and ship, in traditional suitable black or other, ( for about $575 - 700.00HI & AK)   simple but appropriate black frame.   The insert is included in the cost.   If you want  a simple silver frame (with silver cranes) it  might cost a little more and will be detailed to you in the cost.     A frame is chosen to compliment the size and shape or your design with an artistic eye and the help of the framer and their artistic eye.   It is difficult and challenging to frame these pieces and not damage or injure the designs.  Metal frames in any color cost more.  Black lacquer look frames now costs more (as black is so popular in interior designs now)     We allow enough "air space" around your designs so as not to crowd it, but it is so expensive to frame, that we do not always put so much space around your design as some might like to see.     The artwork is guaranteed   only as long as it is the original frame sealed  and no seals broken, and not displayed in direct sunlight or high humidity.      There are 1001 cranes with tiny points that can be damaged or bent changing the entire look of the artwork if not framed properly.   If you choose to have your artwork reframed then the OD is not responsible to repair or fix.  Another framer may actually damage the work, positions, points of the cranes of the design when reframing.    Origami Designs stays with the framer  when possible and works with the framer to be sure your work is framed as best possible.  I will now   ship unframed, but advise clients.. these works are pretty underglass but 100% more stunning when finally framed  They are not finished until they are framed and suitable for display until framed.   They are sealed underglass and once received is not responsible for what happens to your artwork.  Framing is recommended!!

If a client wishes to take their artwork to a framer for reframing in a different frame, our caution is to please take care.  Certainly a competent framer could be cautioned to take care with the artwork itself so as not to damage or change it.    I  will  NOW   ship  the work  unframed, and the requirements and expectations will be discussed by email before a client books their order.  11/15/2022.

5.  What about the cranes? Do I fold them?  Is it bad luck if others fold them? Where do I get the papers?  What size papers do I use?  What color papers do I fold?  Can I have other colors?  Do I have to use foil papers?    It was tradition that a bride and the family of the bride and groom might fold the cranes, but anyone can fold your cranes.  It is not bad luck if the bride does not fold them.  Origami Designs will always ask or confirm with you that you are folding the 3X3" foil papers.  You can buy the papers from an online origami paper store, or in local stores that might sell a selection of origami papers.  Check Ebay and Amazon or Asian markets and shops in your area.     Please  use 3 X 3" or  (or smaller) foil  paper squares for folding your cranes.  These must be precisely cut and carefully folded.  
The tradition is a 1001 cranes used in a wedding design, often gold.  But you can use gold or silver or red, or a combination of colored foil papers of the  same size. Discuss the design and color of papers with the artist if you are not sure what you want or will look best.  Foil papers make the most beautiful and stunning mosaics and are traditional.  Unless agreed, OrigamiDesigns advises again designs made from the flat color origami papers.  These do NOT make the stunningly professional artistic design that clients expect to see.   If you are going to fold your own cranes and supply them please confirm the kind, and paper with the artist!   OrigamiDesign may decline to take an order if the client is using other that 3X3" or foil folded cranes.   * If OrigamiDesigns accepts payment to supply the cranes for your artwork: this is considered a labor cost. When you order folded cranes, for your artwork, from OrigamiDesigns, the payment for this folding is required up front, at the time of Booking your order.  If possible or desired OrigamiDesign can start work with, placement, etc with these cranes for your artwork (even works due 6 or more months out) It can take as long as 3 months to supply these 1000 cranes, which are for your artwork. These are supplied for your artwork (the booking is not refundable) clients should not assume, or expect to cancel an order, or expect to request to take possession of these 1000 cranes. It is an advantage for OrigamiDesign to fold them correctly and be able to start work early and over time on your artwork, placing the cranes supplied by OrigamiDesigns. At this time OrigamiDesigns does not fold or sell “1001 folded origami cranes” independent of a Booking of an artwork.  

If you provide me with the folded cranes, please click here to see how the cranes need to be folded and send them to me in this way.      If the cranes are not folded neatly the work does not look professional or beautiful.    I, as an artist will do the best I can to place your cranes in a pleasing design.    REMEMBER, I will not reproduce, minic, or mirror copy another artists' design.  I can do "similar placement of koi or cranes, but each is individual and unique not copied from another artist!. 

6  When do I need to order my artwork   & request  4- 12mos  notice of intent, and need to have the finished folded cranes 4mos prior to your delivery due date. Depending on my schedule I might accept a booking with less lead time!  There are always exceptions.  Wedding in 6 weeks?...., please call to see if I can do your work!    This is the date you wish to have your finished mosaic.  Ideally, I need that two months to dedicate to the design work, and placement, and framing.    If  I can make an exception and you were not able to  book 4mos in advance I will consider your piece, it depends on the schedule of the artist and other orders that preceed yours.

I will not take an order or promise to do a artwork unless I feel I can devote the time needed to do your work properly.   I will not take a commission to do artwork if I feel the design chosen cannot be suitably translated into the designs using the cranes themselves.  I can suggest other methods I use to mount the cranes in a simple or artistic design and then put the chosen design over that layer of cranes.  But I will not take an order if I fell I cannot execute it to the satisfaction of the client and my own design standards.       Treasure Boxes  are  beautiful,  usefull no need to  frame,  saving costs &  can be made from your  cranes in less time.

7.  What about rush orders?   A rush order is anything ordered and agreed to, less than 4 months in advance of your deliver date needed.   Yes, I do some rush orders on artworks.  But this is only after special arrangements with the artist.               I will never do a rush order if I think it would jeopardize my ability to    do our best quality work on the mosaic.  If I cannot do your work properly
             and deliver on time, I will not do the work.  Rush orders are subject to the artist being able to commit to the time to complete your mosaic on time.  Rush orders require the same payment of  LABOR COST due up front, with an additional balance before I frame to ship.     Note: Rush Charge is added as the artist might have to postpone or lose other paying pieces to finish your artwork.  

8.  If I don't have a design in mind, where or how do I pick a design for my artwork?
Send an email with your initial inquiry.  Let me know you are searching for a suitable, personal and unique design for you as a couple.  By phone or email, after a few questions, I can help you find your design.  I can recommend sites to visit, ideas to think about, etc.   If you want me to sketch something, we'll discuss it and work on it this way.  If you have a family crest, special likes, favorite items. I can help you get the right design for you!  See even more designs below.   Please keep in mind that most mosaic designs - all which include 1001 cranes - are a finished framed size of about 30X30, 33X33, 35 X 40, or larger.  They are large works of art to display on your wall.  Please be aware they cannot be made smaller by the nature of placing 1001 cranes.  

Origami Designs lists a number of standard and popular designs and idea on the front page of our Mosaic website, accessible from the front page of our website here.  See weddings.  Fish, Kanji, Cranes, Bird, Zodiac, fans, crests, Animals, Birds and more.  
I have been given design ideas from greetings card, even cookie cutters.  The artist will work with you.    A design sketched (es) for you is sent by email after payment of $50.00.(depends on the complexity of the design requested)     I take great care to sketch your designs and alternatives.  Once I send the design to you, you can use it or not.  Artists need to protect their work.   Some clients will take a long worked designed to another artist for work.   So I charge for any designs, specifically made for you by Origami Designs.   Most clients find pictures and ideas from the many sites we recommend, or choices I send to them that are free.  Only about 30% of  clients have really specific and unique custom designs made up for them.

9  We have the cranes folded and we know the design we want,  - how do we proceed?   
An email inquiry or call is all that is needed to talk to the artist and get started.  If you have the design picked and the cranes already folded and have communicated with me, then I can let you know the details.  Yes I can do your mosaic or in some cases, I am already booked and cannot commit to another.     Most of the time if you are ready to go and feel comfortable with me and my process then you book by making the up-front Book/Labor payment  amount due.    You can send a check for the Book/Labor payment  due, but I do not start work until the check has cleared and we set a date for that.   Or I can send you an invoice  for payment from PayPal and you can pay with credit or debit card.  You will get an invoice receipt from PayPal, an acknowledgement from me by email and I will start work on your artwork.   I can even put a PayPal button on the website for convenient payment of the half due, and again the balance before shipment or upon pickup.  

You send me your cranes, you send an approval of the design by email, make payment and I start work and am committed to your  artwork and delivery on time.  

I will keep in touch by email as to progress on your artwork.  I will ask about delivery due date, shipping address, how you wish to take possession -  through direct pickup, or delivery by  Fed Exp.   

10.  What are the shipping costs and or arrangements for my pickup? Shipping cost can be quoted to you with your zipcode, and this cost is added to the final payment of the balance due,  made at pickup or prior to shipment.  I insure it always.  In the USA for a 34X34 inch Artwork, framed and insured (within the US)  you can budget for $200 - 300 (Hawaii and Alaska   $250 - $350) or less shipping.  Shipping costs at  FED EXP have gone up.  Packing costs to prevent damage has gone up.   I pay for the sturdy boxes wrappings and packing materials, tape, etc.  It costs to ship these big artworks.  .      I pack it very well for shipment and use plexiglass to keep down the weight and damage potential when shipping.    International shipments are quoted early in the process before an order commitment is made.  The shipping is included in that  ship quote of $250 - 300.00(Hi & AK  more see above)! 

11 Do you own copyright to my artwork when it is done?.  This seems like a strange question but I have been asked it.  No Origami Designs submits our design for proper copyright in the  US and the client does not own the design copyright.   Even if another client likes your design, each one is individual and I try to make them all custom, individual and special for the wedding couple!        If you request a custom  design)  that you want no one else to use I will not publish it online. ​

12.  What if I am not happy with the design after it is finished.? *  I make every effort to communicate to my clients before and during the process or decision making process.  The work is custom and well made,  IF you change your mind or circumstances change and you cancel or default on your order after your  initial payment  (is made to book & start your order) this money is not refundable.   When you book I have blocked off those weeks on my calendar for your design work.         Payment in full is necessary before the designs ships to the client.       It  is  not a refundable expense.        If you do not want  your artwork  and do not pay the balance due, it will not be shipped.       IF you have paid your balance due, the finished artwork will ship to you, as it is yours to do with as you wish.   The art and design is client specific..  An artist spends many hours and much time on the artwork.  A specific family crest or mon, a very personal design, might not appeal to another client.   You are purchasing a well made custom commissioned artpiece, and individualistic work that is yours.     If the design work is finished, the client notified and billed for frame and shipping and the client defaults to pay that second payment for frame and shipping within 48 hrs of billing (especially on rush orders) then  the client has defaulted on the understood contract and forfeits the designs work.      There are no exceptions to this.  The client is  advised at the beginning of the process that once they pay the artist is obligated to execute the work,  and the client responsible for the framing and shipping cost as well.    

Cranes shaped like cranes cannot be formed into every design that a client might choose.  The cranes are used mostly folded with heads and tails  not showing.   Two sizes of cranes might be used in your design.   Some cranes might be hidden under other cranes and not even seen by the viewer.   Terribly folded cranes, that would not look good anywhere in the design,  might be hidden or replaced with better folded cranes.   The designs is made and assembled and executed as best we can to make a pleasing design but it is yours and cannot be sold to another.   Design  changes after the artist starts placing the cranes cannot be executed or guaranteed, or agreed to in many circumstances.     
Every   effort is made to do quality work with your cranes.   One client complained of food in her artwork.   It was determined that the "food" a minute piece of corn chip!....  had been hidden in her folded cranes!  and surfaced during the movement of shipping her artwork.   Origami Designs has no control over your cranes, the quality or the cleanliness of  your cranes.   Every effort is made to work in a clean studio, to frame in a clean professional framers shop, the greatest care is taken with your artwork.    If your wedding is cancelled or postponed, your finished artwork mosaic will be shipped to you and no payment refunded, unless there is an agreement prior and specifically agreed to by the artist in writing by contract when the work is commissioned.  .  Exceptions to this are very rare.     

13.  Have you ever had someone refuse to take or pay for a finished artwork, or try to return one?  No.  With good communication and time to discuss designs, and the process, and the expectations of the finished artwork, this has not been an issue.  One client with reservations,  was totally pleased when they received and saw the finished product and art.     If a client defaults or expresses a dislike of the finished work and/or does not make final payment, they forfeit their initial payment and the work becomes the property of Origami Designs to be kept or sold at will.   Once the work is finished, paid for, and shipped it is final.      It is then the property of the client to do with as they wish.        A framer might also attest to the care and quality of frames and framing work.   
Shipping information is kept on all clients with insurance on all shipments.  This  insurance is for the client to use to replace and redo an artwork that is truly damaged in shipment.  It is very difficult to get these claims honored by the shippers these days.   Designs that are claimed "damaged" and then different design requested by a client will not  changed.   Insurance only tries to guarantee the artist who ships, the value and monitory compensation to replace the artwork for the buyer.   It can take 3- 6 months for a claim to be honored and many more months for the artist to redo the same artwork (which is never exactly the same as the first) and reship.     The client may be required to reship the damaged product at their expense,  to the artist or to prove to the shipment was with  damage  and that is was was done by them.  I caution my clients to photograph the package on arrival and must send and email with photos of the damaged box and artwork within 12 hours of delivery, and keep the box.     I If the shipper does not acknowledge it, you may have no claim.

14. What if I have questions that aren't answered here?   E-Mail me at .  
 Origami Designs makes every effort to produce a piece that is beautiful and well made. Each artwork is different,  No two are exactly alike even if they are the same design.   As an artist I take pride in the work on these pieces.  They are individual artworks made totally by hand.  The full cranes with head and tail does not show always, and often is not actually seen in the design.  If you are unsure about what it will look like, please email me for close-ups on how cranes are actually placed.   Your first payment on the work is NOT refundable.  The artwork is not shipped or delivered until full payment is made.  .   Pieces shipped framed or unframed can be damaged in shipment, in opening, or by your framer and I do not accept responsibility for that event.    It is a commissioned artwork and I do everything possible to discuss, get approval of the designs and complete the work as per your design choice.  
I hope these questions answer most of what you might want to know when making the decisions about your artwork and artist.  You are encouraged and welcome to communicate by email with other questions or for clarification!   
Barbara   Origami artwork Artist 
Imagine a traditional Japanese Designs done in 1001 cranes!
I do kimono,  koi,  zodiac,
swans,  hearts, & other designs also.  
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Some of the books I have for clients to look through for ideas for mosaics....  below
Clients receive updates and progress reports as needed on the work. Photos of the work in progress are not provided.  It is an artistic process of many parts, templates, drawings etc. and is trademarked by the artist.  It is counter productive to see the work in stage of unfinished.    The work is photographed just before being framed and again after it is finished and framed and these sent to the client.  
 In a rare case  where a client might be unhappy with their chosen mosaic design  execution, it is up to the discretion of the artist to arrange -  or NOT  - a resolution with the client.   Specific designs cannot be sold to others by the artist.    Your cranes were most likely used in the design, in order to  "redo" a design (not go a different design)  ONLY in rare circumstances will the artist agree to change or make changes to a finished work.  This is at the sole discretion of the artist!         The client would be required to ship back the mosaic-  in the same condition it was shipped. framed and in perfect condition.- to the artist.   Client pays for shipping to artist.   If agreed before shipment in writing, the artist might try to redo or repair the design.  Client will be required to pay for return shipping, to client, and may be asked to pay for or supply the reguired   1 to 1000 cranes for the redo.   The artist will  do the repair as quickly as possible but subject to the artists;   schedule at the time.  This redo could take up to 3 months to finish and ship back to the client.   It will be returned in the same frame. And the artist is not charging for more labor time involved in the attempt to make the mosaic acceptable to the client.    The original total cost of the mosaic is not refunded to the client.   A  redone  second mosaic is  shipped to the client.   It is the only redo and will  the mosaic  not be subject to refund or redo again.   The client might be asked to pay for the labor for the redo and to sign a contract and make payment before any work will proceed.

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Origami Designs quotes online:  Let's you know the possible cost here.  Arrangements can be made totally by email, booked, paid for, shipping and framing arrangements.  The purpose here is to be transparent.  You get what you pay for, in quality, artistic work, and professionalism.  Cost many vary depending on the complexity of the design.  Most designs will fall into the categories below:

Option 1    Custom crane artwork with your cranes         
                  Not too complicated design                                         
                  Mounted, & sealed under glass,                                                                                                                      
                  framed,ready to hang.       

                  to Book/Labor Up Front  Pymt 1: $625.00                       
                  To FramePack/Ship        Pymt 2: $575.00                       
                                                          Total:   $1200.00                                                                  

Total  Artwork : $1200.00  With your folded cranes   

Pymt  2: $1550.00   if f OD cranes  supplies cranes for the artwork                                                                                                                                           

Origami Designs uses PayPal invoicing for security and convenience, often splitting the payment into two payments, two invoices
The first invoice is to book the order and get it on the OrigamiDesigns calendar schedule for your delivery date.
 The second invoice is for the Pack/Ship  or the   Ship payment.  (This is efficient for insurance in shipping purposes)    
If agrees to supply the folded cranes the added labor is added to the cost & must be paid with the booking of the order. *These orders with all supplies must be confirmed for availability with

 98% of the  shipments arrive just fine.  Origami Designs sends specific and detailed instructions when shipping to help avoid problems or  improve  your artwork arriving safely.  Instructions for receipt, unpacking, displaying and reporting any shipping damage is sent  when your artwork ships to you, tracking information included, for your review before it arrives. .  

* Details of your “supplied cranes”. When you order supplied cranes, for your artwork, from OrigamiDesigns, the payment for this added labor is required up front, at the time of Booking your order.   OrigamiDesigns adds the labor cost for cranes for the executed artwork which begins immediately, specifically for your design. If possible or desired OrigamiDesign can start work with, placement, etc with this labor for your artwork (even works due 6 or more months out) It can take as long as 3 months to supply these 1000 cranes (if not in stock or inventory), which are for your artwork. This is added labor you purchase  as part of your artwork (the booking is not refundable) clients should not assume, or expect to cancel an order, or expect to request to take possession of cranes. It is an advantage for OrigamiDesign to supply them folded correctly and be able to start work early and work over time, on your artwork, placing the cranes supplied by OrigamiDesigns.    At this time OrigamiDesigns does not fold or sell “1001 folded origami cranes” independent of a Booking of an artwork.  

Most designs are included under not complicated. If you request a design that requires more effort to execute or if strange in size or color options -  OD is willing to discuss your idea or request, and can quote any extra required to accommodate that artwork and quote that Book/Labor cost.  

New option for framing for 2024 is quoted at the left.     The cost to have OD frame, starts at $425 for traditional framing in black or white, with the black, white, red, blue, or gold  background, Flat or shadowbox, depends on the depth of the finished design.  All designs are framed under glass to protect the artwork.  .  That payment is required 3mos prior to the ship date for your delivery date and is itemized as Frame/Ship to the left.  .If origami designs folds and supplies the cranes for the artwork that payment is required & must be included with payment 1: