Origami Designs Hosts:
"Peace Tree Festival"
USA  October 2004

Free to the Public, the schedule for the Festival Dates and Hours of the Festival are as follows:
October 13 Wed,  14 Thurs,   15 Friday,   16 Sat,   & 17 Sunday
October 20 Wed  * A special day for the handicapped & seniors
October                 21 Thurs, 22 Friday,   23 Sat,   &  24 Sunday
October 27 Wed,   28 Thurs, 29 Friday,   30 Sat,   & 31 Sunday

October dates Wednesday  Friday  Hours:  11am  4pm Daily
October dates Saturdays   Hours:  124pm  Daily
October dates Sundays     Hours:  1  4pm Daily

*Seniors & Handicapped are welcome all days, the 20th is set aside to accommodate them more fully on one day.   
There is no wheelchair access to the "lower gallery" & display will be moved to the ground level on the 20th for viewing.
Directions and Parking:        www.origamidesigns.com
                                                       Map is included for directions