'Twas An Origami Christmas
By Barbara Turner, www.origamidesigns.com

Copyright to OrigamiDesigns.com  2012 - 2024

"Twas the night before Christmas, and all through our house, 
Not a creature was stirring, not even, our origami mouse! 

The stockings were folded and hung with great care, 
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there. 

All children were nestled under blankets folded in red, 
While visions of origami creations danced in their heads. 

And Mom in her kimono,    and I,   in my new folded cap, 
Were   looking   forward   to  our  well  deserved  nap. 

Our wrapping and folding had gone on for hours,  
We tested our skills making origami flowers! 

Out on the lawn there seemed some kind of clatter - 
So we put down our papers & hushed all our chatter!

The light from the moon on new fallen snow,  
Looked great on our models all folded below!  

It was then we noticed  sleigh, with  paper reindeer  -- 
And thought  that  the  Master of Folders   was  here! 

That sleigh was so stunning and looked so strong,
His creases so sharp and the runners so long. 

Now those reindeer with folds so sure and so true
Had antlers of beauty, and tiny hooves too.

This driver whose fingers  were  lively and quick, 
Was folding more models from papers so slick! 

His creases were perfect, his folding so neat!  
I noticed more papers scattered 'round on his seat.

He looked at the door but climbed up to the roof
Down the chimney he came  all covered with soot. 

His beard was all curled of paper so white,
His boots fit his feet all proper  and  not tight.

 He glanced  'round the room,   gave a nod and a whistle
His hair looked as soft as the down of a thistle. 

His suit had been folded so precise and so neat
He was a vision of perfection from head to his feet.

He took just a moment as he straightened his  hat,
Quickly he noticed  our origami cat!

We had folded some cookies and a large paper cup
He sampled it all and drank it all up!

Our tree was just covered with ornaments galore
Our papers bright patterns, foils, glossies, and more!

Who would have thought, he'd be folding tonight,  
So we made sure to be careful & stay out of sight.

He tilted his head and he stuck out his tongue,  
He worked oh so quickly, and soon they were done! 

More models were there, all put on display, 
An origami Christmas was coming our way!!

He filled all the stockings with paper and kits,  
He left nothing undone, not one little bit. 

He placed a folded angel atop of the pile, 
And I saw on his face the biggest of smiles.

His fingers just flew, and the paper took shape
Every figure and model  from his memory did he make.

Creatures, and cubes,  flowers  and more
Tessellations, and boxes,  just covered our floor!

Looking with pleasure, he'd had such fun,
But clearly his origami work here was done!

Laying his finger aside that great nose,
Up our chimmney so quickly he rose...

He called to his reindeer each one by his name
Off the rooftop they flew, the same way they came!

And we  heard him exclaim, as they rode out of sight
May the fold be with you, this fine Christmas night!

By Barbara Turner copyright 2010-2024
First published on www.origamidesigns.com  December 14. 2009
All rights reserved.  No publication, or copying,  and no other use is authorized without permission of the author. 

I searched the internet  and found no other...
So here's my version  with an origami theme..
Best Wishes to all visitors and folders
this holiday season.
Happy New Year to come
to all  from Origami Designs.com