Migratory    Bird     Day    
May 9, 2020
Welcome to the Event Page for all.
Included Here:  
*Photos of origami bird models.

*Click on photos for links!

*Instructions for folded birds for beginners,
 moderate, and advanced folding

*YouTube video links for bird folding.

*Written Instructions with photos here as well
*Books to explore, & order, 

*information and stories on 
 our migrating birds 

* Tips for folding .  

Click on the rainbow bird photo to access the great   YouTube  video to see the kinds of offerings that will be here on the Migratory Bird Website
First Offereing of a Migratory Bird - found here in Klamath County as well -  The Swan
Start with the "beginner"  model swan.      Explore the photos by clicking to see MORE MODELS, paper folding, towel folding, napkin folding.
This page under construction hopefully to be ready by   4/5/2020 …   Links are being activated on the photos below to share all this with you and your family.  
See books on Amazon
Excellent box of paper made for folding, many colors, white on one
side   available on Amazon
3D  unit origami  So many beautiful models
Napking folding a swam
Intermediate folded swan
You Tube watching & learning easy origami swan container!
Advanced beautiful folding of paper
Great model and lovely paper choice
3D  unit origami  So many beautiful models
3D paper folding pieces for models
Money  folded swan model 
intermediate swan paper model
Advanced swan paper model
Black swans beautiful in real life and paper
Click on blue crane for great  bird models  !